Credo Bonum

Gallery and space for events dedicated to contemporary art, socially-engaged projects and ideas for the future. Part of the Credo Bonum Foundation and in keeping with its goals. Through non-standard events and educational opportunities here, we are also familiar with different art dimensions.

The gallery was opened at the end of 2003 by Tsvetelina Borislavova РChairman of the Supervisory Board of the Economic and Investment Bank. Until 2008, the gallery was named CIBANK as the only example of a symbiosis between a bank and a cultural institution in Bulgaria.

One of the basic principles of this collaboration, formulated in the very beginning by Georgi Lozanov, is the crossing of aesthetic conservatism and artistic arbitrariness. Performing its representative functions as an integral part of the image of the financial institution, the gallery gradually evolves into the double code outlined by the museums of contemporary art: the classical as a well-established avant-garde.