Women’s Market (Jenski Pazar)

Sofia’s largest and busiest market, Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market) has a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, cured meats, dried fruit and nuts, homemade halva and other Turkish-inspired goodies. 

It is a picturesque place that you should visit to get some taste of the locals’ life. Located in the central part of the capital, situated between two metropolitan boulevards – “Todor Aleksandrov” and “Slivnitsa” near Lavov Bridge, it is a living story in the development of trade relations in the center of Sofia. The old urban architecture combined with modern pavilions and retail outlets for fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries create a unique atmosphere and a sense of authenticity and history that accompanied the development of this trade center.

The women’s market is a permanent tourist destination, the interest of which is provoked by the colorfulness of merchants and goods and the authentic urban architecture. Every day it is visited by many guests of the capital and the country, who carry with them besides typical Bulgarian souvenirs and goods and memory of a wonderful day spent.

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