Sofia: The Lost Bulgaria Day Trip

This tour will show you long forgotten places and much more in the vicinity of Sofia. 

You will have the opportunity to visit the first Coal Mine and the Mine museum and the History Museum of Pernik. You will discover the ancient Krakra fortress near Pernik.
Your Day in Slivnitsa, Gurgulyat and Pernik

Driving through the western outskirts of Sofia you will be able to see real socialist prefabricated panel buildings and learn about life between 1945 and 1989, when the totalitarian party built the new future of communist society. In about an hour, reach the abandoned military barracks near the town of Slivnitsa. Once the largest military division in the western part of Bulgaria, the buildings are now abandoned and Bulgaria hosts only a small professional NATO army. Here the story of the transition between Soviet style army to NATO from your guides.

From the military barracks, drive to Gurgulyat, a beautiful village that has blocked the Serbian attack in 1885 while its main army is located on the South-East border with Turkey. Their bravery has been preserved in the communist monument and Mother Bulgaria statue made from quartzite, a semi-precious metal that has been only used in two other monuments in the world – Lenin monument in Moscow and Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Have lunch in beautiful Gurgulyat village or continue to Pernik and make a wonderful visit of the Mine Museum where you will learn about Bulgarian industrial development both before World War 2 and during Communism (1944 -1989). The museum has two sections and besides the mining galleries, you can also see some roman artifacts and also an extremely curious unknown fish dated from 5 million years ago which was discovered in 2010 during the building of the nearby highway.

The next quick stop is the Krakra fortress recently restored where you can hear some ancient history. The fortress of Krakra is one of the great Bulgarian fortresses. Fenced by the fortress walls were about 50 acres.The site of the fortress was of strategic importance. It is associated with the name of the commander of the Krakra fortress (Krakra Pernishki), who had solitary military actions against the Byzantine Empire.

For more information about the tour click here: Sofia: The Lost Bulgaria Day Trip

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