Cathedral “Alexander Nevsky”

Cathedral “Alexander Nevsky” is located in the very heart of Sofia in the square bearing the same name.The temple is dedicated to Alexander Nevsky who is patron of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, proclaimed a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is built in memory of the Russian warriors who died for the liberation of Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War. The main stone was laid with a solemn ceremony in 1882 on a part of the necropolis of Ancient Serdika. It was built between 1904 and 1912. The church was built in honor of the Russian Emperor Alexander II (also known as “Tsar Liberator”) after the liberation of Bulgaria from Turkish slavery (1878).

With an area of ​​3170 square meters and a height of the highest bell tower of 50 meters, it is one of the largest churches on the Balkan Peninsula. In the underground floor of the temple is the crypt, where one of the most valuable icons in Bulgaria are located.

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