Winter Tales Festival in Sofia

The Winter Tales Festival is part of  the project Hello ! This is the third consecutive festival and because of the big interest – it is the first winter festival.

The idea is to create a magical setting. They invite you to experience together two unforgettable days filled with pleasant experiences and new knowledge. This is the largest, most colorful, fun and most accessible festival for a balanced lifestyle in Bulgaria! Its idea is to promote a balanced lifestyle among Bulgarians and especially among young people and children.

What have the organizers prepared for you?

  • Master culinary classes with some of the best master bosses.
  • Dozens of lectures with some of the best lecturers in the field of health and psychology.
  • Dozens of sports classes and practices – various types of yoga, kango jump,  dances, rhythm therapy and much more.
  • Dozens of sporting activities and games for kids – athletics, skating, hockey, tennis, treasure hunting and much more.
  • Dozens of creative workshops – ceramics, painting, cooking, paper work, playing musical instruments, making cosmetics and more.

And all in a cozy atmosphere accompanied by a glass of mulled wine, tea, hot chocolate or delicious food that you can take from the dining room.

Entrance for children up to 12 years old is free of charge!


The festival will be held on 20 – 21.01.2018 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia.


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